Best Tennis Betting Sites UK (July 2024)

Find and compare the best tennis betting sites in the UK. Our experts have put together a top 5 list to guide you towards a better tennis betting experience.

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👉 How We Decided the Best Tennis Bookies
Written by Isak Möller
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Key Information About the Best Tennis Bookies

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William Hill
William Hill
👷 Tennis Bet Builder
💰 Promotions for Tennis
📺 Live Streaming of Tennis
🏦 Tennis Betting Margins (Average) 5.39% 5.57% 5.59% 5.46% 7.27%
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Best Tennis Betting Sites - Our Top 5 List

Tennis may be in the shadow of football and horse racing when it comes to betting in the UK, but it is still a rather popular sport among punters. With great players such as Novak Djokovic, Iga Swiatek and Jannik Sinner gracing the courts, it is not difficult to see why. However, seeing as so many bookmakers focus on other sports, which site is actually the best for tennis?

There are quite a few good options out there and we have put together a top 5 list to make your life easier. Of course, our list is subjective but we have focused a lot on factors that truly matter to tennis punters. For example, how many (and which) markets are there for each game, are there any tennis promotions and what is the live betting experience like? Let's dive in!


#1 Best Tennis Betting Site - bet365

bet365 is one of the most popular bookies around and has made a name for itself with innovative features over the years. You might wonder, therefore, if the site is #1 simply because of the brand strength but we can assure you that this is not the case. In fact, tennis betting at bet365 is a very good experience for many reasons.

Of course, the most important thing for tennis punters is the tournaments available to bet on, as well as the market depth. This is certainly not an issue at bet365, with all the games you can think of available. In our test (for all sites in this list), we checked an ATP Challenger game and bet365 had an impressive 90+ markets. Outright markets for the French Open and more can also be found well in advance.

bet365 tennis

The in-play experience is also very nice, with a decent infographic as well as live streaming of the game in question. On this front, however, the big thing for bet365 is its bet builder which can be used even during the game. None of the other competitions have a bet builder for tennis, so this is a huge advantage.

Another important aspect is the betting margins, which is something that most punters are not even aware of. It's essentially a fee that the bookie charges for letting you place the bet, and our test showed an average of 5.39% at bet365. This is the lowest score out of all sites on this list.

As for promotions, there are two tennis-dedicated ones a bet365. The first is a retirement insurance, with punters getting their selection paid as a winner if the opponent retires with an injury. It applies to the 1X2 (Win-Draw-Win) market bets. In addition to that, there is also a tennis acca boost of up to 70% on the winnings (starting at 5% with a double).


  • Great depth of tennis markets: 90+ in-play
  • Low betting margins: 5.39% average
  • Live streaming of tennis
  • Tennis bet builder
  • Good tennis promotions

#2 Best Tennis Betting Site - Betway

In addition to Esports and football, tennis is another sport that Betway has placed a great amount of focus on. Instead of hiding it in a long A-Z list of sports, Betway has tennis right at the top and this is just one of several reasons why it is the second-best site. So let's take a look at what the others are.

Just like at bet356, you will have no problems finding the game/tournament that you are after at Betway. Our test showed an impressive 89 in-play markets for the aforementioned ATP challenger game, which is certainly more than enough. Outright markets can also be found well in advance for tournaments such as Wimbledon and US Open.

Betway Yennis

We were also very impressed by the in-play experience, as Betway has a very pleasing interface with a great infographic. Stats of the game and head-to-head stats can be found here, among other things. In addition to that, live streaming is also available for almost all of the games, which is crucial for most punters these days.

Moving on to the betting margins, our test showed an average of 5.57% at Betway. This is indeed a good score, albeit not the lowest in this list, and punters who sign up at Betway will not have to worry about excessive fees. This can make a big difference in the long run, so it is certainly something to keep in mind.

As for promotions, customers can opt in for Betway the Free Bet Club and get two free bets worth £5 each per week. To claim these, at least £25 must be staked cumulatively on trebles or more per week. Certainly doable for tennis punters, in other words, but just like some of the other sites here a tennis-dedicated promotion would have been nice.


  • Great depth of markets: 85+ in-play
  • Low betting margins: 5.57% average
  • A very pleasing live interface
  • Live streaming of tennis


  • No tennis-dedicated promotion
William Hill

#3 Best Tennis Betting Site - William Hill

Being one of the oldest bookmakers in the industry, William Hill has a comprehensive offering for almost every single sport and tennis enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. It cannot quite live up to the standards of the top two list, but if William Hill is already your bookmaker of choice, tennis betting will be a nice experience.

All of the games and competitions you need are present on the site and the depth of markets is also impressive. Our test, once again for the ATP Challenger game, showed that there were 63 in-play betting markets. In addition to this, there is also a great selection of outright winners markets for most tournaments, such as the French Open and other ATP tournaments.

William Hill Tennis

The in-play betting experience is also something we were impressed by at William Hill, as the interface not only features a live infographic but also key stats that are good to know. Of course, like the other sites on this list, William Hill also offers live streaming for most tennis games and this is essential.

Taking a look at the betting margins, we found in our test that William Hill had an average of 5.59%. Just shy of Betway's score, in other words, and it is certainly a good one.

Promotions-wise, tennis punters at William Hill can make use of enhanced odds that are added on a regular basis, so that is certainly a plus for William Hill. However, there are no other tennis-dedicated promotions, which just like Betway prevents it from challenging bet365.


  • Good depth of markets: 60+ in-play
  • Low betting margins: 5.59% average
  • A good live interface
  • Live streaming of tennis


  • Not enough markets for the top spots

#4 Best Tennis Betting Site - Unibet

Unibet has established itself as one of the betting sites in the UK, offering a very complete betting product. We have been impressed by the coverage of certain sports in the past and tennis is no different. Featured at the top of the site, punters can easily find the tennis section and the accompanying betting options.

All of the tournaments and games you would expect are available to bet on at Unibet, plus a little more. Our test showed a total of 60 in-play markets for the ATP Challenger game, which is not as high as the bet365 and Betway but certainly not bad. Furthermore, the outright selection is very comprehensive with the French Open, US Open winners and more available for punters.

Unibet Tennis

When testing the in-play tennis experience at Unibet, we found that the infographic was a bit underwhelming compared to the other sites. It is possible that it looks better for bigger games, but this was still disappointing to see. On the other hand, live streaming is offered for almost all tennis games and this is a big plus.

As for the betting margins, which as said could make a big difference in the long run, our test showed an average of 5.46% for Unibet. This is the second-lowest behind bet365 and it is not exactly surprising, given that Unibet always has been strong on this front.

Unfortunately, there are no tennis-dedicated promotions at Unibet, nor are there general ones that can be used for tennis. Some enhanced odds are offered from time to time by Unibet, which is a nice touch, but this is something the site needs to improve in general.


  • Good depth in markets: 60 in-play
  • Low betting margins: 5.46% average
  • Live streaming of tennis


  • Underwhelming live interface
  • No tennis promotions

#5 Best Tennis Betting Site - Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes, along with the sister site Coral, is a great option for most sports punters simply because the coverage is so comprehensive. Subsequently, this means that the tennis offering is also impressive, but there are a few things that Ladbrokes needs to improve in order to climb on this list.

It has nothing to do with the tournaments and games available, though, as Ladbrokes is very good on this front. We found that around 76 in-play markets were available for the chosen ATP Challenger game, which is higher than #3 and #4 on this list. The outrights selection is just as comprehensive as you would expect as well. So where does Ladbrokes fall short?

Ladbrokes Tennis

We found that the in-play experience was not the best one, with a poor infographic available for the games. Live streaming is offered for most tennis events, which is nice, but the infographic is also important. Especially since this is something that the other sites on this list offer.

The biggest issue for Ladbrokes, however, is the betting margins. Our test showed an average of 7.27%, which is much higher than the competitors. In the long run, this will most definitely make a big difference for punters. And as such, it is very hard to recommend Ladbrokes over any of the other sites.

Tennis promotions also shine with their absence on the site, so last place on this list is certainly warranted. It is a bit of a shame as the core feature, i.e. the depth in markets, is impressive while the others could be easily fixed by Ladbrokes.


  • Great depth in markets: 85+ in-play
  • Live streaming of tennis


  • High betting margins: 7.27% average
  • Poor live interface
  • No tennis promotions

How We Rank Tennis Betting Sites

In our test of the best tennis betting sites in the UK, we made sure to focus on the factors that truly matter to tennis punters. We hope that this has become clear already, when reading the list above, but we will highlight the five key features once again below.

If you are interested, you can also read about how we rate online betting sites here.

  • Tournaments Available and Market Depth

    This is, of course, important for every sport when it comes to betting. Browsing your bookmaker for a specific tennis event without any success is certainly not a fun experience, and so this is something we have valued highly in our test. Most of the betting sites in the UK offer all the major tennis tournaments as a standard. However, only the best offer all the other tournaments such as WTA and ATP.

    In addition to having the tournaments and the games, we also made sure to check that the sites had a good depth of markets for these. Since most tennis punters tend to place their bets after the game has started, this is indeed crucial. For example, bet365 had over 90 in-play markets even for a less prominent game, so it is no surprise that the site also was ranked in first place.

    Outright markets, such as who will win a tournament, are also popular among tennis punters and this is something that all sites in our top 5 list offer.

  • In-Play Experience

    As stated, in-play betting is very popular for tennis punters and in addition to the markets, betting sites thus need to have a good live interface as well. The best one in our test was Betway, featuring a large infographic with play-by-play action and all the stats you could ask for. And this just makes the betting experience much more pleasant.

    Live streaming is another essential part of the in-play experience, especially if you do not have any other way to watch the games. Punters have almost become used to having live streaming for everything and this is the case for tennis as well. Indeed, all of the sites in our top 5 list offer live streaming of most tennis events.

    Fast markets is another aspect to consider here, as slow ones could ruin the live betting experience completely. Betting sites have improved massively on this front in recent years and in our testing, we found that the chosen sites responded well to happenings in the games.

  • Tennis Betting Margins

    Betting margins are often overlooked by punters and that is why we have decided to highlight these in our top 5 list. After all, it could make a big difference in the long run. And while most of them are at a similar level, Ladbrokes stands out at almost two percentage points higher than the best site (bet365).

    If you are unfamiliar with betting margins, it is essentially a fee that the bookmakers charge for letting you place the bet. Those who are trying their luck at professional sports betting, for example, have to focus a lot on factors such as betting margins to ensure a profitable journey. But it is also important for the occasional punter, as every penny counts.

  • Promotions for Tennis

    Who does not love a good promotion? Unfortunately, this is far too uncommon for tennis on most betting sites in the UK. Most of them are focused on other sports such as football and horse racing, giving no love to tennis punters. Some of them, a few present in our list, do offer enhanced odds and that is certainly a nice touch.

    Having said that, any site that has a dedicated tennis promotion gets an immediate jump in our ranking, hence the undisputed position of bet365. While most of the sites have welcome offers that can be used on all sports, tennis punters who are looking for a new home will benefit far more from promotions that can be used more than just once.

  • Useful Betting Features

    When betting on tennis, and any other sport for that matter, it is always useful to have features such as cash out and bet builder. The former has thankfully become more or less standard, but the same can not be said for bet builders. bet365 is the only site with a bet builder for tennis, once again asserting its superiority, but the other sites will likely follow suit in the future.

    Cash out is offered by all of the sites in our top 5 list but it should be noted that only selected markets qualify. So this is another thing that the betting sites could improve, but that counts for all sports and not just tennis.

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

Fans of the sport can pick from various different popular tennis betting markets, such as:

Handicap Bets: When one player is strongly favoured in the tennis betting odds, handicaps can be a good way to get extra value. In the event of Spanish star Rafael Nadal coming up against a low-ranked player in a clay-court event, Nadal would be an overwhelming favourite. Taking Nadal on the handicap could make it worthwhile to back him to come out on top. Handicaps are handy for backing underdogs in matches where they could do better than expected, with betting sites listing a range of options, where a set or game handicap is applied.

Set Betting: One of the most popular types of tennis betting, this top market involves the user having to guess both the winner of the match and the final score, in sets. For example, Nadal to win 3-0 would be a common set betting option in the French Open due to his utter dominance.

In-play Tennis Betting: As well as pre-match tennis betting, it is very popular to place wagers live in-play. Most of the same tennis betting markets can be found pre-match and live. Tennis has plenty of natural breaks - between each game, each set and each point - so there are ample opportunities for people to place wagers during the action being played on the court.

Over/Under Bets: As with other sports, tennis fans have the chance to browse a variety of over/under betting markets too. These normally refer to the number of games or sets that will be needed in order to find a winner in the match. For example, under 3.5 sets would mean that the match has to be settled in no more than three sets for that particular bet to be a winning wager.

Tennis Outright Betting: When top tournaments like Wimbledon or the French Open roll around, tennis outright betting is particularly popular. This simply involves the user having to guess which player will be lifting the trophy at the end of the competition. Outright markets are offered in advance for the Grand Slam events, so value can be found by placing ante-post bets.

Tennis Accumulators: Fans of tennis do not just have to place single bets on players they fancy to win their matches. It is possible to add a range of players to an accumulator bet in the same way that a football fan might put five home teams on an acca on a Saturday afternoon. Tennis accas are a good way to back favourites to win their matches at a more appealing price.

Special Bets: Each match will have some special markets available too. For example, it is often possible to bet on whether or not a tie-break will be needed to decide the winner of a set.

Tennis FAQs

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