Super Bowl Winner Betting Odds (2025)

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Super Bowl - Winner Betting Odds 2025

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The Favourites to Win the Super Bowl

  1. San Francisco 49ers with William Hill at 5/1
  2. Kansas City Chiefs with bet365 at 7/1
  3. Buffalo Bills with William Hill at 10/1
  4. Baltimore Ravens with Unibet at 11/1
  5. Detroit Lions with Unibet at 13/1
  6. Cincinnati Bengals with bet365 at 14/1
  7. Dallas Cowboys with bet365 at 16/1
  8. Philadelphia Eagles with bet365 at 18/1
  9. Green Bay Packers with bet365 at 22/1
  10. Miami Dolphins with Unibet at 22/1

Probability to Win the Super Bowl

Team Odds Probability
San Francisco 49ers 5/1 16.67%
Kansas City Chiefs 7/1 12.50%
Buffalo Bills 10/1 9.09%
Baltimore Ravens 11/1 8.33%
Detroit Lions 13/1 7.14%
Cincinnati Bengals 14/1 6.67%
Dallas Cowboys 16/1 5.88%
Philadelphia Eagles 18/1 5.26%
Green Bay Packers 22/1 4.35%
Miami Dolphins 22/1 4.35%
Houston Texans 25/1 3.85%
New York Jets 30/1 3.23%
Jacksonville Jaguars 33/1 2.94%
Los Angeles Chargers 33/1 2.94%
Los Angeles Rams 33/1 2.94%
Chicago Bears 40/1 2.44%
Cleveland Browns 40/1 2.44%
Atlanta Falcons 50/1 1.96%
Indianapolis Colts 60/1 1.64%
Minnesota Vikings 60/1 1.64%
Seattle Seahawks 70/1 1.41%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 70/1 1.41%
New Orleans Saints 75/1 1.32%
Las Vegas Raiders 80/1 1.23%
Pittsburgh Steelers 80/1 1.23%
Arizona Cardinals 100/1 0.99%
Denver Broncos 100/1 0.99%
New York Giants 125/1 0.79%
Washington Commanders 125/1 0.79%
Carolina Panthers 150/1 0.66%
New England Patriots 150/1 0.66%
Tennessee Titans 150/1 0.66%

Who is the Favourite to Win the Super Bowl?

As of 24 February 2024, according to the odds, the favourite to win the Super Bowl is San Francisco 49ers, best priced at 5/1 with William Hill.

The odds mean that the probability for San Francisco 49ers to win is 16.67%.

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