Next UK Prime Minister Betting Odds

Compare the latest odds for the next UK Prime Minister after the general election. There are special markets for the next UK Prime Minister during their term too, but the odds are only for after the next general election on this page.

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Last updated 27/02/2024

UK Prime Minister After the Next General Election Betting Odds

Below are the top 10 contenders to be the next UK Prime Minister after the next General Election.

Keir Starmer Show all
Rishi Sunak Show all
Kemi Badenoch Show all
Penny Mourdant Show all
Boris Johnson Show all
David Cameron Show all
James Cleverly Show all
Jeremy Hunt Show all
Nigel Farage Show all
Richard Tice Show all
Suella Braverman Show all
Angela Rayner Show all
Oliver Dowden Show all
Priti Patel Show all
Rachel Reeves Show all
Wes Streeting Show all
Alex Chalk Show all
Alin-Khan Rosena Show all
Andy Burnham Show all
Bim Afolami Show all
Brandon Lewis Show all
Bridget Phillipson Show all
Dan Jarvis Show all
David Lammy Show all
Ed Milliband Show all
Grant Shapps Show all
Johnny Mercer Show all
Kit Malthouse Show all
Lee Anderson Show all
Lisa Nandy Show all
Liz Truss Show all
Mark Harper Show all
Matt Hancock Show all
Michael Gove Show all
Nadhim Zahawi Show all
Ranil Jayardena Show all
Sadiq Khan Show all
Simon Clarke Show all
Stephen Barclay Show all
Steve Baker Show all
Tobias Elwood Show all
Tom Tugendhat Show all
Tony Blair Show all
Yvette Cooper Show all
Ed Davey Show all

The Favourites To Be The Next UK Prime Minister

  1. Keir Starmer with Betfred at 1/20
  2. Rishi Sunak with BetMGM at 8/1
  3. Kemi Badenoch with Betfred at 33/1
  4. Penny Mourdant with Betfred at 33/1
  5. Boris Johnson with Betfred at 50/1

Probability to be the Next UK Prime Minister After the General Election

With the betting odds, we can easily calculate the probability for each candidate to be the next UK Prime Minister after the General Election, according to the bookmakers.

Candidates Odds Probability
Keir Starmer 1/20 95.24%
Rishi Sunak 8/1 11.11%
Kemi Badenoch 33/1 2.94%
Penny Mourdant 33/1 2.94%
Boris Johnson 50/1 1.96%
David Cameron 50/1 1.96%
James Cleverly 50/1 1.96%
Jeremy Hunt 50/1 1.96%
Nigel Farage 50/1 1.96%
Richard Tice 50/1 1.96%
Suella Braverman 50/1 1.96%
Angela Rayner 66/1 1.49%
Oliver Dowden 66/1 1.49%
Priti Patel 66/1 1.49%
Rachel Reeves 66/1 1.49%
Wes Streeting 66/1 1.49%
Alex Chalk 100/1 0.99%
Alin-Khan Rosena 100/1 0.99%
Andy Burnham 100/1 0.99%
Bim Afolami 100/1 0.99%
Brandon Lewis 100/1 0.99%
Bridget Phillipson 100/1 0.99%
Dan Jarvis 100/1 0.99%
David Lammy 100/1 0.99%
Ed Milliband 100/1 0.99%
Grant Shapps 100/1 0.99%
Johnny Mercer 100/1 0.99%
Kit Malthouse 100/1 0.99%
Lee Anderson 100/1 0.99%
Lisa Nandy 100/1 0.99%
Liz Truss 100/1 0.99%
Mark Harper 100/1 0.99%
Matt Hancock 100/1 0.99%
Michael Gove 100/1 0.99%
Nadhim Zahawi 100/1 0.99%
Ranil Jayardena 100/1 0.99%
Sadiq Khan 100/1 0.99%
Simon Clarke 100/1 0.99%
Stephen Barclay 100/1 0.99%
Steve Baker 100/1 0.99%
Tobias Elwood 100/1 0.99%
Tom Tugendhat 100/1 0.99%
Tony Blair 100/1 0.99%
Yvette Cooper 100/1 0.99%
Ed Davey 100/1 0.10%

Who is the Favourite to Be the Next Prime Minister of the UK?

As of 18 July 2024, according to the odds, the favourite to be the next UK Prime Minister is Keir Starmer, best priced at 1/20 with Betfred.

The odds mean that the probability for Keir Starmer to be the next Prime Minister of the UK is 95.24%.

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