UK General Election Most Seats Betting Odds

Compare the latest UK General Election most seats betting odds from top bookmakers in the UK below. You can bet on Labour, Conservative, Reform UK, Liberal Democrat or the Green Party to win the most seats in the next general election.

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Last updated 21/02/2024

Next UK General Election Most Seats Betting Odds

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The Favourites to Win the Most Seats

  1. Reform UK with Coral at 66/1
  2. Labour with Bet UK at 150/1
  3. Any Other Party with BetVictor at 500/1
  4. Conservative with Bet UK at 500/1
  5. Green Party with Coral at 500/1

Probability to Win the Most Seats

Party Odds Probability
Reform UK 66/1 1.49%
Labour 150/1 0.66%
Any Other Party 500/1 0.20%
Conservative 500/1 0.20%
Green Party 500/1 0.20%
Liberal Democrat 500/1 0.20%

Who is the Favourite to Win the Most Seats?

As of 18 July 2024, according to the odds, the favourite to win the most seats is Reform UK, best priced at 66/1 with Coral.

The odds mean that the probability for Reform UK to win the most seats is 1.49%.

2019 General Election Results

In the 2019 UK General Election, Boris Johnson's Conservative government won the majority of seats (365) with 43.6% of the share.

  • Conservative seats - 365
  • Labour seats - 202
  • SNP seats - 48
  • Liberal Democrat seats - 11
  • DUP seats - 8
  • Others - 15

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