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At BettingLounge, we believe transparency is essential in the affiliate marketing business.

To start, we are online gambling affiliates that partner with UK betting sites and receive a fee for successfully referring customers.

However, we only promote betting sites that are legal, safe and worthwhile for new players.

We started BettingLounge with the belief that our unbiased reviews and in-depth research would help players choose the best betting sites to suit their gambling styles while avoiding the scam sites that are sadly operating in the UK.

We currently recommend around 50 betting sites for new UK players, but we also strongly recommend avoiding over 20 bookies that have accumulated poor reviews and feedback from real customers.

Our Purpose

BettingLounge was created back in June 2016 in the hopes of providing a complete product for all your betting needs.

Including a collection of all the best sign up offers, free betting tips, unbiased reviews and promotions for all customers in the UK.

We are continually improving and innovating to create the best product out there for our customers.

In the future, we want to add odds comparisons and key match statistics for our football previews while above all else, promoting safe and responsible gambling.

Our Responsibility

We support the leading independent charity in the UK, GambleAware. In Great Britain, there are around 430,000 people who have a gambling problem and another 2 million at risk of developing a problem.

Yet, only 2% of those who need help are currently getting the support they need.

We must educate the public and support GambleAware while promoting safe and responsible gambling for all.

We will always support their attempt to address the evolving challenge of minimising gambling-related harm.

The BettingLounge Team

StevenSteven HubbardContent Manager

Steven is the content manager of BettingLounge and has been following football and darts since he was very young. He has a passion for enhancing sporting events through betting for long-term, sustainable profit.

DavidDavid HjelmströmCommercials

David handles all partnerships with the different bookies. If you want your bookie on BettingLounge, David is the guy to contact.

AndreasAndreas JohannessonCompliance

Andreas is responsible for all compliance and regulation matters on BettingLounge. If you have any compliance questions or requests please contact him on andreas@bettinglounge.co.uk.

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