Next James Bond Betting Odds

Find the latest betting odds for the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. We list all the favourites for the next 007 and which bookmakers price the best odds for each contender.

Written by Steven Hubbard
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Last updated 02/02/2024

Next James Bond Odds After Daniel Craig

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Show all
Henry Cavill Show all
Damson Idris Show all
James Norton Show all
Rege-Jean Page Show all
Dev Patel Show all
Paul Mescal Show all
Sope Dirisu Show all
Tom Hardy Show all
Jack Lowden Show all
Kingsley Ben-Adir Show all
Paapa Essiedu Show all
Richard Madden Show all
Aidan Turner Show all
Callum Turner Show all
Chris Evans Show all
Luke Evans Show all
Douglas Booth Show all
Idris Elba Show all

The Favourites to Be the Next James Bond

  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson with Coral at 2/1
  2. Henry Cavill with Coral at 7/2
  3. Damson Idris with Coral at 9/2
  4. James Norton with Betfred at 5/1
  5. Rege-Jean Page with Coral at 6/1
  6. Dev Patel with Betfred at 8/1
  7. Paul Mescal with Betfred at 8/1
  8. Sope Dirisu with Coral at 8/1
  9. Tom Hardy with BetMGM at 10/1
  10. Jack Lowden with Coral at 14/1

Probability to Be the Next Bond

Next Bond Odds Probability
Aaron Taylor-Johnson 2/1 33.33%
Henry Cavill 7/2 22.22%
Damson Idris 9/2 18.18%
James Norton 5/1 16.67%
Rege-Jean Page 6/1 14.29%
Dev Patel 8/1 11.11%
Paul Mescal 8/1 11.11%
Sope Dirisu 8/1 11.11%
Tom Hardy 10/1 9.09%
Jack Lowden 14/1 6.67%
Kingsley Ben-Adir 14/1 6.67%
Paapa Essiedu 14/1 6.67%
Richard Madden 14/1 6.67%
Aidan Turner 16/1 5.88%
Callum Turner 17/1 5.56%
Chris Evans 20/1 4.76%
Luke Evans 25/1 3.85%
Douglas Booth 100/1 0.99%
Idris Elba 16/1 0.62%

Who Is the Favorite to Be the Next James Bond?

As of 24 February 2024, according to the odds, the favourite to be the next James Bond is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, best priced at 2/1 with Coral.

The odds mean the probability for Aaron Taylor-Johnson to be the next Bond is 33.33%.

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