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  1. ★★★★
    Jake 14/08/2020 06:58

    Good bonus offer!

  2. ★★★★★
    Martin 25/09/2020 07:02

    Great for betting on mobile and quick withdrawals using my paypal account. The biggest plus is the live racing streams which you can watch if you have money in your account!

    Overall I would like to see more options for football bets though as I still need to go back to bet365 and use the bet builder or to even bet on asian lines.

    Still solid little bookie but i will update this review if they limit me like other scum bookies.

  3. ★★★★
    Calum 01/10/2020 04:43

    Withdrawal time stated as 1-5 days, got my money after 1 day only. I also think the offer is great and the site is quick and easy to use, even on mobile for once.

  4. ★★★★
    Calum 13/01/2021 06:35

    Have only had great experiences so far with Virgin Bet. Payout times are quick and they have a lot of different stuff you can bet on at any time, would def recommend to check it out if you have not already.

  5. ★★★★★
    bob on the job 14/03/2021 21:48

    pretty average. Do not do really do any special promotions. I joined got some free bets and then made a few more bets. Hadn’t made that many bets really but they then sent me a email saying I can’t use their promotions. I thought it was strange as they don’t really do any promotions and I have not bet with them for 5 or 6 weeks. Hardly going to attract me back now.

  6. ★★★★
    mark farquhar 03/06/2021 17:29

    January 23rd. I deposit £140 to virgin bet from PAYPAL. I win and withdraw £500. Back to PAYPAL without any problem
    Later that evening . I deposit £200 plus £ virgin from PAYPAL. I win £100. I then withdraw the £600 to PAYPAL. Virgin cancel the withdrawal. And say I must withdraw back to the method of deposit . Virgin reverse the £600 back to my virgin balance . YES FOLKS YOU READING THIS PROPERLY. I then blow the £600 in 13 minutes . I then through anger deposit £300 from my DEBIT CARD to virgin . In the hope I can recover the £600 . Yes I know I was stupid . I phone virgin and ask for an explanation and they agree . I did request the £600 to paypal. And said they would investigate why my £600 withdrawal was reversed . They also said they are closing my account . With a balance of £100 left of the £300 I deposited by CARD . Having lost £200 of it . 40 minutes later .virgin credit my PAYPAL account with the remaining £100. YES FOLKS . BREAKING THEIR OWN WITHDRAWAL RULES . 25th jan Monday i get an email from virgin . Regarding my complaint .. they state they tried to credit my PAYPAL account with the £600 on the 24th BUT my paypal rejected the payment .. i then contact PAYPAL and they confirm . Virgin made no such attempt to credit my account . I put this to virgin .. true to form they ignore me and pass the buck for me to take this up with eCOGRA . This what they are getting away with . Breaking LCCP rules . What other way could I withdraw . If they have stringent withdrawal rules ? Of course it’s always the customers fault in their eyes .. while they advertise simple withdrawal AVOID THEM PLEASE,, virgin have been caught out and now ignore me ,, the fight will go on

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