MoPlay has UK Licence Suspended

Steven Hubbard
Steven Hubbard Published: 04/10/2023

MoPlay has UK and Gibraltar Licences Suspended

Addison Global, which operates MoPlay has had its licences suspended by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

It is now illegal for MoPlay to offer gambling services in Britain, and we have subsequently removed our marketing and offers for MoPlay.

The UKGC said, "The licence suspension makes it illegal for Addison Global Limited to offer gambling services via its website in Britain but does not prevent the operator from returning any outstanding balances to customers.

In accordance with section 118(4)(c) of the Act the Licensee is authorised to settle any outstanding winning bets that it has accepted in reliance of the above operating licences and return any outstanding balances to customers."

The GLA suspended MoPlay's licence due to financial troubles. On top of this, Manchester United are seeking over £9m in compensation from MoPlay, and have filed a civil complaint about an alleged unpaid sponsorship deal.

Gibraltar's Gambling Commissioner Andrew Lyman said, "It is most disappointing that the promised financial support from the shareholder has failed to materialise as the firm has not received the financial support it was projected to receive when first licensed. Whilst the Directors will have to address the solvency issues, a decision has been made to suspend the relevant licenses to protect consumers from any further detriment”

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