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  1. ★★★★
    Victor 19/12/2019 07:34

    An OK sportsbook.
    The welcome bonus is good

  2. ★★★★★
    Gus 19/12/2019 09:09

    Took over a week to get my ID verified, but all good now. Customer service not that helpful, will update if I have problems withdrawing money.

  3. ★★★★★
    James 09/01/2020 13:19

    Can be slow at times, but offer was easy to claim and had no issues with withdrawing my winnings.

    will update if i get banned or limited but so far so good

  4. ★★★★
    Tom Cosgrove 13/01/2020 15:48

    Everyone needs to stay well clear of this site, didn’t honour the free £10 sign up offer, takes 48 just to process a withdrawal, ask for all sorts of documents because they want any excuse not to pay you out, quick enough to take your money but so quick at giving you your winnings. MR SCAM

  5. ★★★★
    Tedd 25/01/2020 17:24

    Very poor bookies, have to send them a photo of my debit card in order to withdraw £10? Why would I need to do that but not upload a pic of it to deposit. Seems like they don’t want to ever pay out.

  6. ★★★★
    colin currie 26/02/2020 01:50

    Quick enough to take my deposit then i win a little bit from them then they decide to ask me for documentation but the worst part has to be how they take a fee from a deposit from a debit card and also the speed off there site is farcical it takes forever to load into the main lobby because off the stupid mr play logo every time you log in so i have lasted a week with them i don`t know how i lasted a week as i am quite surprised i never left after an hour of being on there site

  7. ★★★★
    The Invigilator 27/02/2020 23:58

    The company name, website and associate companies are too similar in name to Moplay and Addison Global to make me feel comfortable. The website is a carbon company of the Moplay site and given their inglorious exit with client funds, then I’d be wary of Mr.Play too.

  8. ★★★★
    Ian Blackburn 19/04/2020 13:41

    Disgrace,should be shut down for good,you get sick of trying to contact them.please please please don’t join MR PLAY.COM

  9. ★★★★
    Alan 13/06/2020 20:53

    Joined Mr play with a £10 deposit so entitled to £10 free bet. Never got free bet. Numerous attempts to contact customer service, proved non existent. Also worst site I have been on for sports book and I have been on most of them. Site too slow and unreliable. Will never give them anymore money. Scammers. Do not give this site your money, you will regret it.

  10. ★★★★
    Tom 13/06/2020 20:58

    Scammed me for £20 and did not give me free bet as advertised. Do not use this site they will Rob you. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

  11. ★★★★
    drw123 22/06/2020 21:28

    Total scam company to avoid like the plague. As others have rightly said they have no intention of honouring the £10 free sports bet and please disregard Mr Hubbard’s “advice” to contact the customer support team as they purposely keep a low profile when they know they owe you something. Keep well away.

  12. ★★★★
    Gary 20/07/2020 14:43

    Don’t touch with a barge pole. Deposited £10, lost my initial bet but got the sign up bonus which I made money from. I withdrew it same day and it’s currently 23 days (TWENTY THREE) and I haven’t heard a thing about my money. Not got it back at all. Contacted them numerous times about this and just got told my account is under review. Is Stevie Wonder reviewing it or something? I know people always say I wish I could give them zero stars, but these guys genuinely deserve it. They’ve essentially stolen my money and clearly have no intention to give it back. Please avoid them at all costs.

  13. ★★★★
    Shah 27/07/2020 20:00

    Withdrew money last week and still don’t have any money yet. Just showing as being under review. Avoid it’s a scam!

  14. ★★★★
    Ap111 28/10/2020 21:06

    The support on the site is terrible. If there is any problem regarding withdrawals will not resolved. Have been waiting over a month for a small withdrawal and still not answer as to when it will be sorted. Also unable to get through to anyone on the phone regarding any issues

  15. ★★★★
    Ana Steele 31/10/2020 09:12

    Same as everyone else. Signed up for the free bet, was not given despite meeting all criteria.

    Customer service claimed I had not opted in. I was asked on sign up which free bet I wanted, the casino or sport.

    Was told I did not select one, even though I clearly clicked sports.

  16. ★★★★
    Mug 28/11/2020 08:46

    Same as everyone else – they take your money, add on a percentage, you can’t use the bonus, and you can’t withdraw funds. Like Novibet, this seems to be set up as a scam.

  17. ★★★★
    Andrew 01/12/2020 23:17

    They are thieves end off
    Don’t bet with them customer service used bad language when I queried a bet if you don’t like it take your shite business elsewhere disgraceful behaviour

  18. ★★★★
    Joe Hanlon 07/12/2020 08:12

    Worst site I’ve ever used. Charges a fee to deposit funds, charges a £1 per withdrawal. The site is so slow and full of bugs. I would avoid this site like the plague. MRSCAM for sure……

  19. ★★★★
    Adam 16/12/2020 22:57

    Worst betting site ever, takes forever to load and then doesn’t want to give you your winnings, scam

  20. ★★★★
    Adam 20/12/2020 20:19

    Worst site ever, avoid at all costs, day 15 of trying to get my money, SCAM

  21. ★★★★
    Ali 29/12/2020 10:45

    Terrible site. Doesn’t want to give you your money when you win. Sign up bonus not given. They charge you to deposit and they charge you to withdraw. Still waiting on winnings being paid. Do not use this site you are as well burning your money. Not even worth one star

  22. ★★★★
    Lou 08/01/2021 10:57

    I provided this company with my driving license, bank card front and back, letters and birth certificate. They rejected them every single time (7 times) I’ve tried to reason with them and followed all of their instructions. They keep your money. Please don’t put yourself in my position. They have caused endless stress

  23. ★★★★
    Kayzee 10/01/2021 17:19

    Slowest site in the world. Charge you to deposit and did not honour sign up bonus. Do not touch with a bargepole.

  24. ★★★★
    AH 11/01/2021 22:24

    Unfortunately I didn’t see all these previous reviews about their blatant scamming before I joined them.
    Mr play is apparently also affiliated with several other bookmakers and if you have claimed a bonus with another company, this will give them the right to revoke your bonus with them!
    Wow, how low can you stoop to get the upper hand over a punter eh?
    Haven’t even got an app either, and the desktop site was useless for the day I used it.
    Dishonest, disfunctional, everything you don’t want from your bookmaker.
    Avoid at all costs !
    Would give them a zero if it was an option

  25. ★★★★
    DK 30/01/2021 15:25

    Disgraceful scam artists

  26. ★★★★
    Tony H 25/02/2021 09:19

    Signed up lodged e90 and took e90 bonus## big mistake. Lost both amounts then lodged e400 more and won and lost small amounts. Had a nice accumulator win worth e1000 but they only paid e500 as according to them its not real money only bonus money.T+Cs are for every e10 bonus you take you must bet another e200 so I have to bet e1800 and any winnings below that the max you can win is e500 and you can’t cash out and its not real money. Even if I have e500 winnings today its not real money until I bet separate funds to reach e1800 spent and the so called bonus money can only top e500..Keep away everyone I have e250 sitting in bonus and they want me to bet separate funds to reach e1800 spent.Biggest scam ever

  27. ★★★★
    Jack OConnor 03/03/2021 09:15

    Im Jack I deposited €10 did not get freebet 1st bet i won €8 i made a withdrawal of €18 and was asked for photo of my card letter of permission from card provider etc etc so €10 bye byeas I know I will never gt it,

  28. ★★★★
    Stephen 18/03/2021 20:13

    Total disgusting experience they have held my winnings over 5 k for a week after joining and winning . As above Multiple rejects of my documents and no reply

    Please please avoid at all costs

    Please can any ind let me know who can help me get my money ?

  29. ★★★★
    Adrian 09/04/2021 08:01

    Why shouldn’t you play Mrplay

    1. Commission on deposit and withdrawal
    2.Page is slow and jams frequently
    3. They haven’t added any new offer for a year
    4. Weak Odds
    5.Long withdrawal processing time even though I was a verified player
    I advise you not to use this bookmaker, my friends will also inform you about it
    One of the worst bookmakers I have ever played at

  30. ★★★★
    BREN 10/04/2021 19:21

    By far the worst site I have ever used. Absolute scam merchants. Simply make money off robbing your first deposit. I lost €200. After few bets had €300 but told I had to place another 1200 to withdraw anything.

  31. ★★★★
    RD 10/04/2021 20:15

    It’s a scam as other people have said. Wish I’d seen these reviews before signing up. They seem to like finding reasons not to let you cash out your winnings. Avoid at all costs.

  32. ★★★★
    Paul Fairweather 16/04/2021 17:53

    Poor experience with these. Deposited £80 hoping to get free £15 bet for first £10 stake. Never materialised and then when asked was told because I did not debit using correct payment method. Also charged £1 for each £40 deposit and £1 again when I withdrew £40. Site terrible to navigate on phone so all in all a very bad experience. Steer well clear!

  33. ★★★★
    Harry 14/06/2021 23:55

    Be wary of the sign up offer.
    Deposit $100 and get $100 free bet that gets incorporated to your real money.
    The max you can bet is then $50 otherwise you will null and void ALL of you bet, including winnings made with your real money. In order to withdraw your bonus of $100 you need to wager the combination of your deposit and bonus 9 times, so in this instance $1800. I spoke with their live chat help staff who advised me I could make a single bet of my remaining wagering required ($1100) in order to complete my rollover. No mention that this would void all of my bet which is hidden at the very bottom of their Ts and Cs.
    In the end, I had $1880 ready for withdrawal before they took away all of my money, save for the $100 i deposited and said all my bets are void because I breached their terms.
    By being only allowed to bet 50% of your bonus bet in a single bet, when your real money is also tied up 50/50 with each bet you do, it’s very clear that this is designed for you to never be able to extract any winnings from this. And that’s before mentioning any bets you make need to be at greater odds of 2.00!

  34. ★★★★
    Ryan 20/06/2021 11:49

    AWFUL. SLOW…. ‘FREE’ Bets aren’t free. Charges for deposits which I didn’t even think was legal!!? AVIOD

  35. ★★★★
    Paul 18/07/2021 22:54


  36. ★★★★
    Oboba 14/09/2021 15:47

    You are better of just keeping your money.. don’t Sign up with these scammers..

  37. ★★★★
    Graham Rodgers 12/03/2022 10:59

    Steer WELL clear. The take a fee to make a deposit!!!! BUT, the way this site works it, you try to place a bet, and its in a queue before being accepted. They ONLY take bets they can LAY OFF!! DONT USE THESE MOTHERS

  38. ★★★★
    Deebo 05/04/2022 22:37

    Cannot give a 5 star because the margins are not great. Good amount of offerings in markets that I like (US sports). The website layout is something I think they can improve. I would not call Mr.Play a scammer. Been betting with Mr.Play for one year and have enjoyed it. I did have one issue with some bets. Customer Service was contacted and it was fixed. Overall, its been a good experience.

  39. ★★★★★
    Sam 12/04/2022 10:28

    Didn’t have any problems with ID or withdrawing funds, and they honoured the welcome offer free bet. But they charge a fee, not only for withdrawals, but deposits too!

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