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  1. ★★★★
    Reg Derry 13/11/2021 03:58

    You have to pay Bet target to give them money each time you deposit, I paid 38p for the privilege of depositing £15, I assume you probably have to pay to cash out, but I never got that far.

  2. ★★★★
    Lenny Sage 16/12/2021 08:34

    Shocking company
    There’s nothing good about anything, never any odds on In play, and welcome bonus is a lie and don’t pay out

  3. ★★★★
    Wayne hughes 02/01/2022 14:47

    Absolutely shocking you have to pay to deposit and there’s no way you can get your free bet they promise.And it is so slow it is embarrassing avoid!!

  4. ★★★★
    Dan 03/01/2022 19:40

    Very dodgy bookmakers. Bets take days to settle and when they run promos they never give the reward automatically. They make you jump through hoops and pretend they can’t see the bonus or are unware of the promo, if you push hard enough and for long enough they usually eventually grant it, but with this and other Aspire bookies it seems to be by design that they try and resist as much as possible first and hope you give up. Scam bookies, avoid.

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