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  1. ★★★★
    Mick 16/09/2020 14:20

    Dreadful, website is awful constantly crashing. Sign up bonus of £30 which no matter how much you win with that can only have maximum £30 back. Must wager 10x the winnings to access it to. Con artists. Do not use!!

  2. ★★★★
    Ernesto Gamboni 25/09/2020 18:36

    This is absolutely SCAM site. They not allow you to withdraw money. After you win you will never be able to withdraw because they will constantly tell you that your Bank Provider declined the transfer. They want you to send another pictures of your card and nothing will change.

  3. ★★★★
    Ken 07/11/2020 09:27

    Foolishly signed up and unfortunately lost on the exchange. Did a 2X wager and they deducted from my bankroll. Cancelled my bet and they withdrew the entire winnings of £170. At with point I cut my loses and withdrew the rest of my bankroll with the £2.50 charge. Stay well away unless you know what you are doing.

  4. ★★★★
    Trinh Thai 24/11/2020 16:22

    It a scam, you will not get the free bet. they will say you have not enter GATO code

  5. ★★★★★
    Matt 04/01/2021 12:05

    Awesome website, great experience!

  6. ★★★★
    Tim 24/02/2021 10:36

    Stay away, signed up due to the bet 10 get 30 bonus, nothing but a headache to even get the bonus then you need to bet the winnings 10 times to be able to withdraw the 30. Would not use them or any of their sister sites. And will read the t+c’s a lot closer in future.

  7. ★★★★
    P 10/03/2021 12:11

    They are incompetent.I requested a withdrawal on the 11th of January and 2 months later still waiting for my money. AVOID!!!

  8. ★★★★
    V 28/03/2021 23:37

    Terrible!!! AVOID!!! Such a bad experience. Just NIGHTMARE!!!
    ACVOID and save yourself trouble!!!

  9. ★★★★
    Sean 15/04/2021 06:41

    Sorry I didn’t read reviews first.
    Getobet is terrible I don’t think the pay out am waiting 4 days already..

    Avoid this site

  10. ★★★★
    Mark 29/11/2021 14:34

    this site keeps peoples winnings saying they need proof of identity . you send the proof then they reply saying they need more proof, its so wrong especially when all then checks are done when u sign up , play the games deposit , deposit some more get winnings then they withdraw into the same account , after so long the withhold asking for this crap , how many 1000,s of people are they doing this too , complain to uk gambling commision and get fobbed off , this site does not even deserve 1 star,as a gambler i can safely say that i will no longer use this crap site ,i urge all gamblers to avoid this site aswell

  11. ★★★★
    Emma Homan 06/12/2021 14:06

    This is an absolute scam – they do not honour the free bets and they evade all questions on the ‘livechat’ – even worse they charge £2.50 to withdraw your own money! Absolutely disgusting, I wish I had read the reviews first. This needs shutting down it’s clearly not a legitimate betting company.

  12. ★★★★
    PAUL 12/05/2022 12:07


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