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  1. ★★★★
    Burt 07/10/2021 14:00

    Closed account within 5 mins.

  2. ★★★★
    Mr Perfect 24/11/2021 17:58

    Vbet same garbage company, my account was limited in one week to £0.12 Max bet on Sports, this company must be closed down with all rest UK company’s who limit bets to stupidly low stakes. One word to describe garbage!

  3. ★★★★
    Charlie 01/02/2022 11:12

    Pretty good choice of markets, unlike others I have yet to have any issues, but would like to see horse racing added and a better response time form the support team.

  4. ★★★★★
    hoojamaflip 02/03/2022 13:14

    cant fault really. i only bet on football and works well enough

  5. ★★★★
    George 10/04/2022 19:00

    Closing account without a real reason

  6. ★★★★
    David 14/04/2022 20:17

    Terrible company,they withhold funds and don’t honor promotions. Had to go to IBAS to get my money back, don’t waste your time.

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