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  1. ★★★★★
    Ahlam 10/09/2020 04:54

    Signed up just for the 30 free bet and managed to win. Will probably be playing a bit more until i run out of luck, not overly impressed yet but not disapointed either.

  2. ★★★★
    Emily 13/09/2020 21:21

    I have used this site hoping for good things after reading good reviews. Had a few wins on the slots and they paid very fast! Then I had the usual awful cheating experience…”bet’s rejected”. It was for £5 on a 7×40 win on Dreamcatcher on 13/09/2020. Rude live support tried to claim I never placed it. Said it rejected due to insufficient funds…yet I had £19 in the account. Live support said it was my cache/cookies etc (as they do) and without doing anything funnily enough I could place a bet again straight after the win had happened. I left Bet Victor as this happened a lot there on a win. AVOID THEY CHEAT.

  3. ★★★★
    Daniel 15/09/2020 18:41

    This betting site is horrendous. Used the free bet on a football game. Won at odds of 2/1 the following day still didn’t have any winnings! Bad site I withdrew the next day and then they say that’s the reason they didn’t pay winnings. Shit site!!! Don’t use !!
    Also no English horse racing
    Just a waste of time really!
    Plus the graphics and layout is shit!

  4. ★★★★
    Jake 21/09/2020 06:12

    Not as bad of an experience as the guys above me, played some on the slots, won some, lost some and withdrew. Would not say its the best site but its far from the worst, works as intended, atleast for me.

  5. ★★★★★
    steve 27/09/2020 08:47

    Not sure about the above but I won on sports betting and withdrew with no problems

  6. ★★★★★
    Jonny B 04/10/2020 15:26

    Great range of in play betting. Need to verify if UK player. Can recommend

  7. ★★★★★
    Jack 12/10/2020 05:19

    Really happy with 2k, i usually feel like a lot of bookies try to rip you of or do some shady stuff but never had any problems with 2k so far. If it aint broken don’t fix it.

  8. ★★★★
    Kyle 26/10/2020 06:42

    Great site, currently my “main” bookie that im using

  9. ★★★★
    Colin 29/12/2020 23:31

    Won £166 bet on a free bet so took some of my money that was in my balance before they had settled the free bet, so in the morning when I checked my account they had cancelled my winnings as I had made a withdrawal.

  10. ★★★★
    Rob 30/12/2020 20:21

    Bombards you with emails offering £30 free bet if you deposit £10 then says you have used one of their other “sister sites” in the past and had a reward off them, rudest live support I’ve ever encountered stay clear

  11. ★★★★
    Umar 04/01/2021 11:17

    Placed bet on Friday as new customer and won over 2k , but since then they been messing g me around saying they need to review my withdrawal it’s been 4 days and still haven’t got my money

  12. ★★★★
    Bill c 28/01/2021 03:12


  13. ★★★★
    Errol Andrews 24/03/2021 21:11

    These lot are fucking shite they won’t give you the free bet and will say it’s cancelled if you win a fair amount of money do not use them fucking greedy snaky bastards and don’t trust Kathy on live chat wastes your time the silly cow would give them 0 if I could.

  14. ★★★★
    Graeme 10/04/2021 17:21

    Avoid this site and all costs. Withdrawal costs. Want photo info to get your money. Didn’t need it for deposit. MUCH better sites.

  15. ★★★★
    Steven 12/04/2021 02:46

    £30 free bet won £260, which becomes a bonus balance.

    You have to wager ten times that and even then it’s only converted to……. £20 in real money

  16. ★★★★
    Raymie 16/04/2021 22:36

    Stay away !!

  17. ★★★★★
    Carol 03/05/2021 05:33

    Like a lot of folks above me my experiences have been… subpar to say the least. Sure i have won a few times and managed to withdraw my winnings but more often then not they screw you over and the support is not much to talk about..

  18. ★★★★
    jeanybeany 05/05/2021 15:13

    Wow after not taking heed of the reviews I went ahead and wasted £60 on slots and not a single bonus!!! Please avoid this site at all costs they do not care about any of their customers. Don’t be a fool like me, AVOID!!!!

  19. ★★★★
    Seioga79 10/05/2021 08:08

    I have received 30£ welcome bonus, and have won 621£ , now they ask to win 6210£ and then whey pay to me 20£ unbelievable. They as betting company receive a real money but we get paid max 20£.Neve ever use this company

  20. ★★★★
    Gregory 27/05/2021 17:30

    It’s by far the worst betting website I have ever used. I didn’t even use any bonus, I won £1000 and they don’t process my withdrawals for 2 weeks. Customer service is awful and they are replying to me with automated general messages. 0 stars, avoid this casino. It’s a scam

  21. ★★★★
    Karim M 21/06/2021 20:17

    Awful company, don’t bet with this terrible bookies. If you win any money, they will delay and avoid trying to pay you for as long as possible. They ask for one verification document after the other, and they do this once every 2 days to drag it on as long as possible. We should be able to give this rubbish company 0.

  22. ★★★★
    Turk 15/07/2021 18:38

    Stupid site bonus offer not worth it stay away

  23. ★★★★
    Cicada 27/07/2021 23:08

    Woof. Why would you promote these, Betting Lounge??

  24. ★★★★
    Andy 03/12/2021 02:47

    Andy won £309 on free £30 bet . Then they take it away from me. Will be reporting them to the ibas they should be investigated ,there conning the public avoid them at all costs.

  25. ★★★★
    Rob 22/03/2022 02:37

    No bonus and take days replying

  26. ★★★★
    Vlada 22/03/2022 18:02

    Total scam stay away the free bet Is only for bets with odds at 1.5 so basically most you can win is £15 as they take stakes back…. I try bet at odds 2.23 and not allowed as I’d win back more than £15…

  27. ★★★★
    David smith 22/03/2022 18:10

    Wouldn’t let me bet on PSG women to win first half for tonight 5.45pm avoid this scam site

  28. ★★★★
    kev 04/05/2022 05:50

    Absolute scammers with poor odds, who break UKGC rules re KYC, asking for endless documents after winning a free bet and trying to withdraw (law states this is asked foe BEFORE depositing/betting), keeping my £197 cash for a month until eventually paying reporting them to UKGC..

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