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A Complete Guide To Betfred’s 49s Lotto Game

Like a lot of the top betting sites in the UK, Betfred is among those to have moved into offering online lotteries, with the 49s lotto game among its main products in this department.

Lotto games are becoming a lot more popular these days, giving people another method by which they can potentially win a life-changing sum of money.

With interest in lotto products growing all the time, Betfred’s 49s lotto game, and other lotto games like the Irish lotto, and Nifty Fifty, are likely to be in demand in the months and years to come.

But many people may not be sure about how Betfred’s 49s lotto game works, which is why we have put together the following guide. For all the details about Betfred’s 49s lotto game, read on.

What Is Betfred’s 49s Lotto Game?

Betfred offers the chance to bet on an impressively wide variety of lotto results from around the world, but its 49s lotto game is a bit different, which is why it stands out from the crowd.

Betfred’s 49s lotto game can be compared to the Nifty Fifty game from the same operator.

The draw is held twice a day, so players are given a lot of chances to win big money on the Betfred 49s lotto game. As is clear from the name, the game features 49 balls in the draw.

Players can bet on one Betfred 49s lotto game at around lunchtime in the UK – it always takes place at 12.49 PM – with the second draw of the day taking place at around teatime.

It is also possible to play Betfred 49s lotto game on either desktop, through a tablet, or on a mobile device, so there is a wide range of options for those who plan to enter.

New players who sign up to play Betfred’s 49s lotto game can also make the most of a generous welcome bonus, making it even more tempting to try your luck.

Odds range from 6/1 to 160,000/1 on Betfred’s 49s lotto game – more on the payouts later in this guide – and Betfred has been named the Lotto Operator of the Year, partly due to the success of the 49s, as well as its alternatives like the Nifty Fifty.

Among the best reasons to play Betfred’s 49s lotto game is that it is not necessary to match all of the numbers that come out in the two daily draws to win a massive amount of cash.

Indeed, a syndicate back in 2019 was able to bank more than £1 million between them after they matched four out of six numbers as part of the £160 they placed in combination bets.

That is a gigantic win – so how exactly can you play Betfred’s 49s lotto game?

How To Play Betfred’s 49s Lotto Game

Most people are familiar with lotteries and have probably bought tickets in their lives. But betting on something like Betfred’s 49s lotto game is not quite the same.

Betfred’s 49s lotto game was initially available in the company’s array of betting shops, but it has since been introduced online, making it easy to play the game wherever you are.

To play Betfred’s 49s lotto game, users with an account on the site simply have to accurately predict the result of the draw, which takes place twice a day. There are 49 balls in the draw – as is clear from the name of the game – and all that players have to do is to guess which of them will come out of the proverbial hat.

It is possible to pick up to eight balls, with various combination bets permitted, such as doubles and trebles, an accumulator, a Canadian, or a lucky 31 bet. A minimal stake of £0.05 must be made for each line of each bet that is made on Betfred’s 49s lotto game.

There is a lucky dip option for those who are not bothered which numbers they pick, while players who have a set of numbers they want to use on a regular basis can save them. This makes it quick and easy to play Betfred’s 49s lotto game as often as you want.

Playing Betfred’s 49s lotto game is similar to buying a lottery ticket online. Players just pick the numbers they want to bet on and decide their stake, before hitting confirm to process the wager.

Special bets are also up for grabs for those Betfred customers who want to make the outcome of the company’s 49s lotto game even more exciting.

It is possible to bet on all of the numbers that are drawn being odd or even – this special bet is offered at a price of 50/1 – which is likely to be an appealing option for a lot of people on top of their regular entries to this Betfred lotto.

Other special bets for the Betfred 49s lotto game include the colour of the first ball that is drawn – users have to pick from blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, orange and red – as well as the total sum of the numbers that come out.

All of the special bets for Betfred 49s are available in both the lunchtime and the teatime draw. Odds for the special bets on Betfred’s 49s lotto game run to as high as 66/1 for some of the options, so there is a lot of money up for grabs for those who opt to try one of these options.

So now you know exactly what you need to do to play Betfred’s 49s lotto game, how much money is up for grabs and what odds are available in the normal draw, aside from specials?

Let’s have a look at those up next in our complete guide to Betfred’s 49s lotto game.

What You Can Win on Betfred’s 49s Lotto Game

Odds and payouts are probably the most important thing that people want to know about when they are thinking about playing an online lotto game such as the Betfred 49s.

Betfred’s Lotto Operator of the Year prize was partly awarded on the strength of their odds and payouts. There is no doubt whatsoever that the game delivers in this key department.

Matching just one number is paid out at a price of 6/1 when betting on a six-ball draw at Betfred, but this rises to an appealing 66/1 for those who can match a brace of numbers.

The odds keep going up, with 700/1 the odds for three balls being matched. Anyone who can match four numbers will be paid out at a price of 10,000 on six-ball draws at Betfred.

For a seven-ball draw – Betfred’s 49s lotto game sees six numbers plus a bonus ball come out – the odds and payouts are a bit different, but they are still good.

Odds for one number stand at 5/1 and this goes up to 45/1 for two numbers and 440/1 for three.

A player who matches four numbers will be paid out at 5000/1 and it is around 50,000/1 that is up for grabs when five numbers are matched on a seven-ball lotto game at Betfred.

Those who are playing for the first time will need to know how to find Betfred’s 49s lotto game results to see if they have won, so that will be covered in the next section.

How To Find Betfred’s 49s Lotto Game Results

Betfred’s 49s lotto game results are published directly on Betfred’s lotto results page.

Alternatively, players can use a site such as Compare The Lotto to find out the results of Betfred’s 49s lotto game quickly after the two daily draws have been made.

Unlike a normal lottery, Betfred 49s pays out automatically, which means that players can also just check their balance to see if it has gone up as a result of lotto winnings being added.

Steven is the product manager on BettingLounge and is an experienced iGaming writer who has been working in the industry since 2018.


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