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  1. ★★★★
    Stephen 25/04/2022 23:11

    Slots are rigged over 900£ and not even up on feature biggest win 40£


  2. ★★★★
    John C 12/05/2022 13:04

    The site is a SCAM – they will not pay out any wins and when there is a technical error resulting in me losing £391 they will not even deal with it – at first it was 5-10 days, then 10-20 now its we don’t know when. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH DEPOSITING ANY MONEY. THE GAMBLING COMMISSION SHOULD SHUT DOWN SCAM SITES SUCH AS THESE CROOKS.

  3. ★★★★
    Shaun scruton 14/05/2022 17:35

    Had 2 winners took over 5 hours to pay out avoid

  4. ★★★★
    Leeanne 19/05/2022 22:23

    Scam they don’t payout wins when technically error said 15 to 20 days and they took all my deposits and still not paying out I want to go to bank and raise this get all my deposits back unfair gambling

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