What Does Evs Mean in Betting?

Updated: 30/05/2022 08:45

Evs/Evens Betting Explained

Betting sites can be guilty of using a lot of jargon and technical terms, leaving users lost.

Sports fans who do not have much experience of betting on the big race or match of the day can be forgiven for feeling confused or overwhelmed when faced with a lot of these words.

One that might seem obvious to some is evs, but for others, it is unclear what this means.

What Does Evs Mean?

In short, evs is just another way of saying evens – which is a common price in sports betting.

Even money is another way to describe evens or evs, while the odds may be shown as 1/1 too.

What a bet at evens means is that anyone who backs a wager at this price will be in line to double their money in the event that the bet is a winner.

So let’s say a football fan backs Manchester United to win a game at evens, staking £10.

United do win the game, resulting in a profit of £10 for the wager, as well as the £10 stake.

Evs in Different Odds Formats

Nowadays, UK betting sites often give their customers the choice of different odds formats. Let’s take a closer look at how evens will look in the different odds formats that are widely available:

Fractional odds – 1/1, evs or evens

By default, most major UK sports betting sites show their prices in fractional odds.

People will be familiar with 2/1, 5/1 and 10/1 as examples of fractional odds, but for evens, it is rare to see the price given as 1/1. Instead, users will see 1/1 shown as evens, or evs for short.

Decimal odds – 2.0

Betting exchanges have helped to fuel a rise in the popularity of using decimal odds, which a lot of people prefer as it can be more straightforward to work out the potential profits on offer.

In decimal odds, evens will be shown as 2.0, which demonstrates users can double their cash.

American odds – -100

Less common at major UK betting sites, in American odds evens would be displayed as -100.

What Does Odds on or Odds Against Mean?

Evens is a term widely used in sports betting as a way to show the state of a market.

It is used as the marker for which a wager can be described as either odds on or against.

If a bet is odds on, this means that the price is lower than evens. Sports fans who back a wager that is odds on will receive less than double their money in the event it is a winning bet.

Odds against means that the price is higher than evens – hence deemed unlikely to happen.

What Does Ev Mean in Betting?

Not only is evs a common betting term, but EV is also something else for users to know about. Standing for expected value, EV is not to be confused with evens or evs as it is a totally different thing.

Understanding EV is crucial for people who are taking sports betting very seriously. The first thing to learn is that sports betting is not necessarily about predicting what will happen but finding value in the odds that are offered by the best online betting sites in the UK.

EV is a way of calculating whether or not a bet can be deemed to be a good value. For those who are hoping to make a profit out of betting on sports, knowing about EV is going to be crucial.

Steven is the product manager on BettingLounge and is an experienced iGaming writer who has been working in the industry since 2018.


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