Each Way Betting Explained

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Updated: 25/08/2021 09:07

Each Way Bet Guide

Each-way betting is a betting type in which you place two bets on the same horse, one bet for the horse to win, and the other on the horse to place. This means, you can win a return on your bet if your horse wins, but, also if it just places in the race.

Each way bets are often used for horse racing and greyhounds, and act as a form of insurance if the horse finishes in the top four (depending on how many horses are in the race), but fails to win.

The place bet pays out depending on the number of horses in the race:

  • 2-4: First place only
  • 5-7: Top two finish
  • 8-15: Top three finish
  • 16+: Top four finish

But, the best horse racing betting sites can offer much better place terms and also boost the number of places with special racing offers for big events such as Cheltenham, Grand National, etc.

To place an each-way bet, make sure you tick the “E/W” box in your betslip, and remember, you are placing two bets, so your stake will double. For example, if you place a £10 each way bet, you are placing £10 on the win and £10 on the place to a total of £20.

The win part of the each-way bet is calculated at the odds you take on the horse of your choice. But, the place bet usually pays 1/5 of the odds if your horse places.

Usually, you will need the horse to be priced at 4/1 or higher for your each-way bet to pay out more than your stake if your horse only places. We recommend using this free each way betting calculator, to calculate your each-way bet returns.

Steven is the product manager on BettingLounge and is an experienced iGaming writer who has been working in the industry since 2018.


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