Europa League Betting Tips

The UEFA Europa League is the second-tier competition in European club football, with the Champions League league ranking above. There are 48 teams in the group stages while 8 clubs that finish 3rd in the UCL join the knockout stage. With so many teams from smaller leagues across Europe, it can be difficult to predict. We only post Europa League betting tips for teams in Europe's "Top Five" leagues.

Our Europa League betting tips

Our Europa League betting tips will be posted throughout the Group Stages up until the Final each year. The Europa League can be difficult to predict and bet on with the wide range of teams from smaller leagues around Europe.

In fact, even as football enthusiasts, we struggle to name players in a good majority of teams that feature in the Europa League. For that reason, our Europa League betting tips are only on the teams in the top five leagues in Europe.

Any matches with teams from England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany will be looked at for our Europa League betting tips. We feel it is unwise to post tips including teams we have no idea about and recommend leaving them out of your own bets.

All of our Europa League betting tips will be thoroughly researched, and every selection will come with key statistics, match analysis and the reasoning for our tip. If you agree with our selections, feel free to back them. But, we do not guarantee wins or profit so back the tips at your own risk with only money you can afford to lose.

How often do we post Europa League betting tips?

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