Manchester United are back in the Champions League -

Manchester United are back in the Champions League

Manchester United are in the final of the Europa League. If someone said this sentence when Sir Alex Ferguson was the coach, people would be fuming. But right now it is another time and Manchester United are really trying to become the team they once was. After missing out on the last Champions League spot in the Premier League this was their final chance. And if they would be missing this, their chances of bringing in new superstars would be definitely smaller. Ajax on the other hand has a young team and they are trying to make their name again in the days were they were a hot candidate for each competition they played. They had just lost the league to their most hated rival Feyenoord. This was their chance to bring the fans back.

Mourinho decided to play a somewhat defensively to make sure they hold a clean sheet. A midfield formed by Fellaini, Pogba and Andre Herrera. Danny Blind started as a center back after Eric Bailly poor decision taking against Celta Vigo in the semis. Rashford started upfront, since Zlatan Ibrahimović is injured. Meanwhile Ajax started with their regular team, which meant attacking and controlling a game just like in their days with Johan Cruyff.

The game started just like expected with Ajax holding the ball, passing around and Manchester United making sure Ajax could not come through. It was the world´s most expensive player, Paul Pogba that gave Jose Mourinho´s team the lead. A shot outside of the box, touching an Ajax player before reaching the net. Ajax tried to switch up the tempo but never managed to come anywhere. Mourinho had a perfect game plan and they managed to close down the first half.

In the second half it took only three minutes for Mkhitaryan to extend the lead for the red devil´s. A quick goal which killed Ajax hope for a comeback. The result stayed 2-0 until the referees final whistle. Mourinho celebrated his third title as Manchester United manager during his first season. He won the Community Shield early in August. He then followed it up with the league cup and now the last one Europa League. They will be playing his old club Real Madrid in the European Supercup final. A game that surely would mean a lot for the Portuguese.

When it comes to Ajax, their fans were not happy after the display in the final. The fans were outraged and threw chairs at them. Meanwhile the United fans could not hold in their joy because once again they are back in the Champions League. Like mentioned before this is important for Mourinho if he wanted to attract the right players to his team. They maybe won the final, but loosing possession 31-69 against a team which is cheaper than Paul Pogba should not be accepted. Ajax managed to have 17 shots against 7 from United. This means that Mourinho will surely be given some money from the owners to buy what ever he needs. There are a lot of rumors circulating that Morata will soon be joining, but only time will tell.

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