The race for the Champions League -

The race for the Champions League

Liverpool had an opportunity to increase the pressure on Manchester United and Manchester City by winning against Watford on Monday. Jurgen Klopp had some good news before the game, both Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana were back from injuries but Mane like known from before still out for the rest of the season. It is the 35th week of the season which means after this game there are only three more to go. And a win for Liverpool could be the one deciding the Champions League spot.

Klopp choose to start with his best available line-up, with Origi, Coutinho and Firmino up front. But in the fifth minute Coutinho was injured and forced out, Lallana replaced him and the game went on. But Liverpool were actually not that good. Only holding possession and trying to find the front three. But Origi had a poor day at work and did not manage to do much. It looked like the first half would be scoreless but out of nowhere a cross came towards Emre Can who had the goal behind him. And out of nowhere he tried a volley which was absolutely perfect and the goalkeeper could not even move to catch it. That was the only goal in the game and Liverpool were up on 69 points. Manchester City were behind with three points but one game in hand.

Now it was Manchester City who had to show some character and continue the pursuit of Champions League. They played against 16th placed Crystal Palace who are only four points from the regulation spots. Sergio Aguero who is injured had to watch the game from the stands at Etihad Stadium. Of course his replacement was his fellow South American, Gabriel Jesus. It did not take a long time here before a goal came. David Silva scored the first one after only two minutes. That was also the only goal in the first half. But in the second half the numbers ran away and Crystal Palace had no chance. Kompany scored the second one shortly after the referee started the second half. Then Kevin De Bruyne, Rahim Sterling and Otamendi added each one of them a goal, in that order. Which also meant that Manchester City won the game with 5-0 and had the same amount of points as Liverpool.

Even if the teams are level in terms of points they have a close goal difference also, that suggest of course that the race for the last two Champions League spots will be a close one. Manchester City has scored 70 goals, one less than Liverpool. But they have conceded 37 which is five less than Liverpool. So with the goal difference 33 against 29 means the league is far from over. Taking a look at the upcoming games there are surely some drama waiting for us. Liverpool will be taking on Southampton on Anfield on Sunday and Manchester City will be playing Leicester City at the Etihad Stadium. We should expect games where the coaches will have to objectives, a win and score as much as possible.

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