Is it time for video replay in football? -

Is it time for video replay in football?

It was not long ago that the goal-line technology was developed and tested during the World Cup. It was an easy technology, if the ball is in the referees clock would inform him that. If not nothing would appear and the game would go on. This was introduced after the penalty area referees was shown worthless. Even though it was a smart idea a lot of things were missed. And in the leagues that the technology has not been put in use a lot of voices has been raised. Barcelona was robbed of a goal lately and the controversial Pique was early out to point out the failures of the Spanish league.

Now many games have passed since the goal-line technology was developed and people are asking for more changes in football. After the meeting between Real Madrid and Bayern München, Carlo Ancelotti urged UEFA to take actions. He felt they were robbed, especially since the referee was perfectly positioned when Ronaldo scored his second goal, and still did not raise the flag. The idea is under developing and FIFA are trying to make the transition of the technology as smooth as possible. The first question is what will the technology used for? Only showing if the linesmen misses the offside? Will there be a video replay of tackles?

The voices that are against it, are saying that the replay may be taking too long time and that the linesmen will lose all of their authority. It is always important to see the down and upsides with every change in football. Those who are for the change has one simple argument, fair is fair. If there is an offside the goal should be disallowed. Something that would mean a lot for example for Bayern München when playing in extra-time with one man down and away at Santiago Bernabue.

The technology has been tested some time now. Latest was the game between France and Spain were a goal was disallowed and the game continued without any controversies. The technology is already in use in other sports like hockey. But there the referee has to call another referee with a tv-replay that decides the ruling. Something that would be to slow in football.

My opinion is more traditional than most of the others. Since football has always been a human sport. Where the referee has his flaws and the papers have something to write about. It is all the way from god´s hand by Maradona against England to Barcelona versus Chelsea and now latest Real Madrid versus Bayern Munchen. It is the flaws of the game that attracts me. That it is natural with referees being involved in the game. In my opinion the linesmen would be seen as jokes because every goal will be questioned and there is no time for that in football. Keep it clean keep it the way it is. This is all I can hope for now.

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