La Remontada!!! -

La Remontada!!!

The beauty of football is something that we witnessed Tuesday night thanks to an unbelievable team effort. We witnessed a Barcelona team writing its way into the history books. A glorious night that showed us that in football everything is possible.

So you have just been defeated 4-0 away at Parc des Princes against maybe the strongest PSG side ever. The coach announces that this will be his last season with the team, even though he has won both a treble and domestic double the year after. The team is actually looking really bad compared to previous years. So what do you do when the second leg comes to Camp Nou? You turn it over and write history.

After the PSG game Barcelona managed to win barely against Atletico and followed up with a 6-1 win against Sporting. A game in which Luis Enrique tried out the 3-3-1-3 for the first time. Then troublesome Celta Vigo visits Camp Nou and becomes totally dominated and Barcelona triumphs with 5-0, again 3-3-1-3 is tested and everything pointed out that this is the way Barcelona are going into the last 16.

Ter Stegen between the posts. Umtiti, Mascherano and Pique at the back. Iniesta, Busquets, Rakitic and a dropping Messi in the midfield. And up front Neymar, Suarez and Rafinha. A team that before the game stated only the obvious Barcelona are going all in. The atmosphere around the stadium was epic and the fans were singing and it was almost as a party. But how could they be happy, they are down 4-0? The speaker man did whatever he could before the game to turn up the heat and the entire Camp Nou (except for the PSG section) was shouting LA REMONTADA, the turnover.

It started in the best possible way for Barcelona. A ball that Veratti and Trapp couldn´t control in the penalty box led to an easy goal. Only two minutes has passed now…. PSG had an obvious tactic from the start, park the bus and hold the lead. Barcelona dominated the entire first half without actually creating any clear chances but PSG were almost not able to leave their own half. In the 40th minute Iniesta backheeled the ball into the 8 meters and Kurzawa unluckily scored an own goal.

The second half started and Barcelona had the same energy. And soon it would payout. Iniesta gets the ball left to the penalty box and waits out Neymars run. He passed it perfectly and the PSG right back couldn´t keep his balance and fell, with him fell Neymar. A penalty kick and Messi made the most of it. With 35 minutes left and just one goal more needed the Camp Nou was on fire. Until Cavani managed to score the equalizer and left the entire Camp Nou in shock. Less than 30 minutes left they now needed three more goals.

Barcelona intensity fell somewhat but they still tried. In the 87th minute Neymar is brought down just outside the penalty box. He takes the freekick himself and what a freekick. 4-1 and Barcelona are still out, unbelievable. In the attack after the referee points at the penalty spot. Suarez is brought down and the replay shows that maybe it wasn´t as obvious as the refree thought. And Neymar makes it 5-1 in the 91st minute. With 5 minutes add on the Camp Nou was fuming.

Neymar is brought down again in the 93rd minute and everybody including Ter Stegen are now in the penalty box. A freekick PSG easily could manage and the ball somehow reaches Ter Stegen as he was running to his own goal. Veratti takes him down and a new freekick. Neymar lifts it in the ball is kicked out again back to Neymar. He fakes a cross and passes Veratti. Then beautifully lifts the ball into the penalty box with his left. And Sergio Roberto gets the perfect shot. And in the 95th minute it is 6-1.

This was a historic comeback, never in European competition has anyone overturned a four goal loss. NEVER. And Barcelona makes the impossible, possible again. Before the game Luis Enrique said if they can score four we can score six.

All we can say is congratulations to Barcelona. And thanks for one of the most historic games every. This is a game that will be in peoples mind for a very long time.

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