Chelsea winners of week 23 -

Chelsea winners of week 23

The race for the top four position is now even tighter after a week with surprising results. The week started off with what was supposed to be an easy game for the second placed London club Tottenham. Playing Sunderland away should usually not be a problem for the teams on top. Sunderland where at bottom place with only 15 points. Yet Tottenham managed to stumble and play a scoreless game. A 0-0 draw meant that they now gave the chance for their London rival to extend the lead.

But Chelsea didn´t take the chance that Tottenham gave them. But that wasn´t a big of a surprise, because they had to travel to Liverpool and take on Liverpool on Anfield. Klopp lined up with the strongest possible team, only leaving Mane on the bench since he only came from CONCAF. The game started very well for Conte. David Luiz scored a beautiful free kick that could partly be blamed on Mingolet. Since the goalkeeper where instructing his players while Luiz took the free kick. But Windaljum leveled the score in the second period assisted by Milner. A header that went just under Cortouis. The game was very intense and in the last 15 minutes Chelsea got a penalty kick. Diego Costa stepped forward but hit a very poor penalty kick that Mingolet easily saved and the game ended 0-0.

Arsenal hosted Watford in what also was a tricky game on paper. Watford are known for being able to damage the big clubs. And that was exactly what they did at the Emirates Stadium. They shocked Arsenal taking a 2-0 lead in the 1st half. Arsenal came back in the second half but was never able to comeback. Which meant a major setback for Arsenal since both Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea dropped pointes. Winning would have meant that they were second place with only six points up to Chelsea. Instead they are now third with 9 points up to Chelsea.

Manchester City took the opportunity that was given to them by their rivals. With a tough game, ahead against West Ham, City triumphed in fashionable way. By half-time they were already leading with 3-0. The surprise was though not the result but who was the goalkeeper. Bravo watched the entire game from the bench as Caballero kept a clean sheet.  The game ended 4-0 to City and the question that is raised now is has Claudio Bravo now officially lost his spot.

Manchester United had a perfect opportunity to gain some point and keep breathing the top four behind their neck. Going up against Hull City at Old Trafford was not supposed to be difficult. But it became a frustrating game for the red devils. Hull did put on their best defensive display and made life difficult for Zlatan and his teammates. A great goalkeeping game and great defense made the game end in a goalless draw and United lost maybe their biggest chance so far, this season. So now they are still on the sixth spot and the top four seems more difficult but still not impossible.

All these results mean that Chelsea keeps their 9 points lead down to now second placed Tottenham. Manchester City gained a lot when the other top teams lost and now are fifth with only goal difference separating them from fourth Liverpool. While United are still four points from a top four position.

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