Murray’s Future After No. 1 Spot -

Murray’s Future After No. 1 Spot

Glasgow tennis player Andy Murray is well known for having attained the ATP’s no. 1 position this fall. After an unprecedented one-year long winning streak, experts still wonder if the talented player will effectively maintain his position as a major figure in tennis or if this is just a temporary spell of good luck.

These past twelve months have been described to be crucial for Murray’s professional and personal life, with each tremendous joy coming after another. One year ago, the intervention of this Scottish player resulted in the first victory of Britain during the Davis Cup event after 80 years, setting a record in sport’s history. The birth of his first child in February was followed by the warmth-filled summer triumph of the second male Wimbledon championship; the world witnessed his unconstrained happiness as he closed the match and took the trophy home. More recently, the Association of Tennis Professionals granted Andy Murray with the top place in their league.

It is often said that in the world of sports, keeping the no. 1 spot is often more difficult than getting to obtain it, as the arrival of a younger talent eager for championship is always on the horizon. With a historic record of several Wimbledon victories for the United Kingdom, Murray has so far shown to be greatly confident that this is his time of glory. Both the fans and Murray himself need to bear in mind that his tenancy of the no. 1 spot will not last forever. The main question is: how long before Murray will be replaced? And of course, there is no definite answer.

Generally speaking, the future of tennis in Britain might not be subdued to Andy Murray; on the contrary, his emblematic achievements might inspire the British youth to pursue a career in tennis and continue his legacy.


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